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Why Partner with AuditSense?

  • Our offerings are results focused. Your employees obtain skills that will have an immediate, positive impact on both the productivity of your practice and your clients.
  • Our training is interactive, practical, and enjoyable. These are the three cornerstones of all of the training that we deliver.
  • We are feedback hungry. We welcome your input on how we can continuously improve our service to you.
  • Our trainers are always involved with the planning and customization of the classes.
  • We work with you to customize the delivery of your training. We will determine the optimal mix and depth of each topic as opposed to using “canned/off-the-shelf” products.

Why have firms chosen AuditSense?

  • Our references and referrals. Our clients are happy to talk about their experiences with AuditSense, and we are happy to provide numerous references.
  • Our strong desire for long-term client relationships. Early on, prospective clients can sense how much we value our client relationships and how much we enjoy doing what we do. We take a long-term outlook when measuring our relationships. We will tell you when we cannot do something (and hopefully help you to find someone who can), yet we are always open to exploring new ways to partner with you and to help you to achieve your goals. Many of the services we provide are co-developed with our clients. We take pride in listening and helping you to uncover your challenges and goals as much as we do in providing advice.
  • Our creative and entrepreneurial spirit. We understand our clients are business owners. So are we. We are attracted to the risks and rewards that go along with owning your own business. Despite our growth, we run our company like a start-up, and each client relationship is special to us. We consistently challenge how we serve each one. We celebrate new clients. We celebrate our clients’ achievements, and we understand that it takes creativity as much as it takes hard work to achieve your goals.